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"One of the most courageous decisions you will ever make is to finally let go of whatever is hurting your heart and soul."

- Brigitte Nicole (via searchingforinfinity)

(Source: onlinecounsellingcollege)

Front Porch Step - Drown


Well I’m so tired of the rain falling softly on the ground,
Just enough to get my feet wet but not enough to let me drown.
I’ve been laying in my bed wishing I had never woken, 
Begging god to rid my head of every word you’ve ever spoken.
Broke my knuckles on the wall because I thought about the call.
Where you said you’d always love me, do you not tell the truth at all?
Well if I ever cross your mind, make sure you write down the times, 
So I will know the moments I was eating you alive.

Tegan and Sara - Call It Off

Call, break it off 
Call, break my own heart 
Maybe I would have been 
Something you’d be good at 
Maybe you would have been 
Something I’d be good at 
But now we’ll never know 


True love is when your pet comes to your room on its own.